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The Strawberry Mojito, a fun twist at the vintage Cuban cocktail, is a refreshing blend of strawberries, rum, easy syrup, contemporary lime juice, mint, and bubbly membership soda. Learn the way to make this 5-minute Strawberry Mojito Recipe and take pleasure in all summer season long!

Two highball glasses crammed with strawberry mojitos and garnished with a strawberry and gold straw.

As temperatures warm and markets leap to fill with contemporary fruit, I actually have one factor on my mind- Strawberry Mojitos.

After sharing the way to make a mojito with you guys, I concept it'll be fun to share this fun twist at the classic. Oh my, my friends, if you’re a fan of mojitos, and even when you’re not, you’re going to love this crisp, cold, fizzy, summer season cocktail.

Whether you already recognise which you just love this vintage rum cocktail, or you’re seeking anything faded and delicious that won’t depart you with a foul hangover (please drink responsibly), here's the cocktail for you! One of my go-to cocktail favorites; proper up there with this cucumber gin and tonic and those spicy orange margaritas.
Strawberry Mojito Ingredients

The meals on this vintage Mojito recipe are only SIX (not together with the ice, because, well…ice). But, the greatest facet about this fun and fruity mojito? No loopy meals that you’ll use as soon as and through no means use again.

    Rum. White rum is standard and what is used on this vintage Mojito recipe. That said, there are many alterations with a few calling for gold rum, darkish rum, gin, and even vodka.
    Fresh Mint. Traditionally, this cocktail was made utilizing Yerba Buena. However, I doubt most people can get our fingers on this fragrant plant proper proper here within the US, so we've come to love and appreciate the mojito with mint.
    Fresh Limes + Juice. Only the contemporary stuff. I even underlined it so which you just recognise I imply business.
    Strawberries. The defining characteristic of this mojito recipe, a number of candy strawberries provides the excellent quantity of sweetness (and appear tremendous pretty, too!)
    Sugar. Traditionally, Mojitos had been made with sugar cane juice, but I didn’t have that, so I used easy syrup. White granulated sugar or honey will work just as well.
    Club Soda. Unsweetened bubbly water that can be delivered to top-off every glass.
    Ice. Because otherwise, it'll style gross. No, I don't degree my ice.

Helpful instruments and equipment:

    Cocktail Muddler. Theoretically, you might use a spoon, but a muddler makes a international of difference.
    Tall glasses equivalent to those highball or Collins glasses.
    Straws. I lately have my eye on those re-usable bamboo, metal, and glass straws.

Overhead picture of NULL strawberry mojitos with gold straws and strawberry garnish.
How to make a Strawberry Mojito

Start through together with 8-10 mint leaves to a highball glass. You’ll need a pitcher it's approximately 12-14 ounces. Add NULL lime wedges (1/4 of a lime) and the chopped strawberries. Very gently muddle the mint, lime, and strawberries.

Note- Do now not shred your mint as doing so makes the drink bitter (and reasons mint to get caught on your straw). No Bueno. If you desire you possibly can merely upload the lime juice to the glass, however, I discover that gently muddling the rind provides further flavor.

Add the NULL last lime wedges (1/4 of a lime) and the easy syrup to the glass. Muddle again, but only sufficient to launch the lime juice and combine with the easy syrup.

Fill every glass with ice. It doesn’t actually subject what type of ice you use,  simply so lengthy as you use ice.

Finally, pour the rum immediately over the ice and upper off with membership soda. Stir gently simply to mix and garnish with lime and contemporary sprigs of mint, if desired.

Highball glasses crammed with mint, lime wedges, and chopped strawberries.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

    A faded white rum, equivalent to Bacardi Superior, is advised for this Strawberry Mojito Recipe.
    Please. Please. Use contemporary limes. Yes, focused lime juice is easier, but you possibly can only get the contemporary style of lime juice from…fresh limes.
    Quality counts. With only six ingredients, every one is tremendous important. Just just like the lime juice, you desire to be certain to make use of a nice tasting, first-class rum (or at the very least one which you just like). Some favorites contain Bacardi Superior or Cana Brava.
    Avoid over-muddling. In different words, gently, yet firmly, press the limes and mint together with your muddler (like this one) and gently twist. We’re now not making an attempt to tear the mint to shreds, that just makes your mojito bitter.
    Not a fan of mint? Try basil instead.
    Easily make this yummy cocktail… a mocktail! Simply omit the rum and update with further membership soda.
    Make it a pitcher. Apply all of the identical steps, merely multiply the recipe through what number of drinks you’re watching to make.
    That said, this strawberry mojito recipe is greatest loved immediately.

Muddled mint, lime, strawberries, and easy syrup in a tall glass topped with ice.

If you strive making this Strawberry Mojito Recipe, please depart me a remark and allow me know! I at all times love to listen your thoughts.

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Strawberry mojito with lime and contemporary strawberry.


Strawberry Mojito Recipe

The Strawberry Mojito, a fun twist at the vintage Cuban cocktail, is a refreshing blend of strawberries, rum, easy syrup, contemporary lime juice, mint, and bubbly membership soda.
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Strawberry Mojito
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: cocktail
Calories: 201
Author Jessica Randhawa
US Customary - Metric

8 contemporary mint leaves
1/2 lime - sliced into four wedges, plus further for serving
2 big strawberries - chopped
2 tsp easy syrup - or granulated sugar or honey
2 ounces white rum

    membership soda


    Add the mint leaves, NULL lime wedges, and strawberries to a highball or collins glass. Use a muddler to softly muddle the mint, lime, and strawberries (but now not too a lot as you do now not desire to destroy aside the mint leaves).
    Add the NULL last lime wedges and easy syrup to the glass. Muddle gently to launch the lime juice, back being cautious to now not smash the mint leaves and destroy them apart.
    Fill the glass with ice and pour the rum immediately over the ice. Top off every glass with membership soda and stir simply to combine. Serve garnished with a sprig of contemporary mint, lime, strawberries, and a straw. Enjoy!

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