Raspberry #Apple #Smoothie #with #Bananas

I am recently obsessed with smoothies! It’s been the simplest and fastest strategy to drink my meal on the pass whereas packing in plenty of nutrition in a single glass. Do you discover your self dashing by means of breakfast or lunch, but desire that increase of power to hold you on the best of your game?

This raspberry apple smoothie recipe has got me going bananas! This creamy, cool and sparkly ruby-colored drink will make you all of a sudden happy. If you possibly can provide your self simply 5 minutes for a fresh beverage, this smoothie will assist you get your day with a bit hop on your step.


    1/2 cup coconut water
    2 medium-sized bananas
    2 cups apple, sliced, (1 huge apple)
    2 cups raspberries, frozen
    1/2 cup ice cubes


    Add all meals in a blender.
    Blend for about 90 seconds or till the combination is smooth.
    Add extra coconut water or ice as had to gain thick and creamy consistency.

1) You can exchange the coconut water with any liquid you could like; almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk, water, orange juice.2) Pick your favourite apple. I used half inexperienced and half fuji apples. The sweetness or tartness of the apple will fairly switch how tangy the smoothie will be.3) If you don’t have frozen raspberries, upload 1 cup whole ice, and modify with extra ice and liquid as had to get the proper consistency.

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