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When I am within the temper for a chilly drink that's as delicious as or not it's refreshing, I may make one in every of those 5 Infused Water Recipes. But we LOVE to make fun mocktails (non-alcoholic drink recipes) at our house. Most typically I move with this terrific Raspberry Dream, or one other favourite of mine, the Dirty Dr. Pepper.

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Raspberry Dream

Many of you recognize that we're obsessed with Swig, a soda and cookie pressure thru founded mostly in Utah. Well, I don’t dwell in Utah, so that obsession is sort of a problem. I am incredibly right into a drink referred to as Raspberry Dream which is a non-alcoholic drink made from Dr. Pepper + raspberry puree + coconut cream. It’s HEAVEN.

This drink paired with a mushy sugar cookie, you may pay attention angels singing. For real. So, I made it my venture in life to arise with a copycat recipe for my liked Raspberry Dream and after a LOT of trial and mistakes I am sharing it with you today!

Overhead view of NULL blended sodas, with raspberry puree in drink and raspberries and coconut flakes as a garnish.

Key ingredient: Raspberry puree

Raspberry puree is the major factor on this drink. I desire to make use of Torani raspberry puree simply due to the fact it’s made for blending into drinks, and has a lengthy shelf-life. You too can make it at house utilizing frozen raspberries for those who want.

The coconut cream may well be made with both half & half or non-dairy coconut creamer. With half & half it’s extra creamy, but with the coconut creamer it’s about half the calories. I also use Diet Dr. Pepper most of the time!

Two highball glasses crammed with ice, garnished with contemporary raspberries and Torani Raspberry puree subsequent to it at the table.
How to make a Raspberry Dream:

First, you fill a cup 1/4 complete with ice.

Then, you upload the half and half, coconut syrup and raspberry puree and stir.

Finally, you pour the Dr. Pepper and enjoy!

Here are a few simple hyperlinks to the issues I use to make this drink: 


Raspberry Dream Recipe (Swig Copycat)
This Raspberry Dream recipe is a copycat from the noted Swig soda store in Utah. This non-alcoholic drink recipe presenting Dr. Pepper, raspberry puree and coconut is to die for!
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Keyword drinks with raspberry pureƩ, non alcoholic drink recipe, raspberry dream, swig copycat recipe, swig raspberry dream
Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Servings 2
Calories 94
Author Pretty Providence


    12 oz Dr. Pepper
    2 T Half & Half
    1 T Torani Sugar Free Coconut Syrup
    1/4 Cup Raspberry Puree
    Optional: Pebble Ice


    Fill a cup 1/4 complete with ice
    Pour in half & half, coconut syrup, raspberry puree and stir.
    Add Dr. Pepper and stir again.


    Pebble ice is preferred, but use no matter you got. You can purchase 10 lb. bag of pebble ice at Sonic for about $2.50
    Can sub non-dairy coconut creamer for half and half, or not it's much less energy AND or not it's delicious

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